Fulton Landing Seafood Co. Menu


Seafood Your Way

1. Grill it or Fry it

2. With tots & carrot slaw or green salad

Atlantic Salmon   

White Gulf Shrimp   

Line-Caught Tuna   

Striped Bass   

West Coast Halibut   


Raw Bar

House Oysters / min 3

Oyster of the Day / min 3

Topneck Clams 1/2 Dzn / Dzn  

Shrimp Cocktail


Sides and Such

Clam and Corn Chowder  

Tater Tots with Old Bay  

Green Side Salad  

Carrot Cole Slaw  









FL Company Sandwiches

All served with carrot slaw and pickles

Grilled Octopus Roll   
Toasted buttered bun w/ spicy giardiniera

Fried Skate Sandwich   
With tartar sauce and lettuce

Chilled Lobster Roll   
Claw and knuckle on a buttered split hot dog bun with celery, scallions, dill and mayo

Chilled Shrimp Roll   
Poached shrimp on a buttered roll with celery, dill and mayo

Lobster Club   
Lobster salad, bacon, avocado mayo on buttered brioche




Bottled Water   

Draft Beer